Race Ambassador of the Week Warrior Ric

Looking at the natural marvel of a butterfly’s metamorphosis can help us identify what we need to do to find our wings. Race brand ambassador, Warrior Ric shares his thoughts on going through the changes necessary for finding your wings and letting your true potential take flight!

“The butterfly’s metamorphosis is one of the most miraculous transformations known to man. My work as an inspirer and motivator is about improvement through welcoming change and overcoming challenges. The process of self-transformation is the most powerful and most effective way to accept, manage and benefit from change. The butterfly exemplifies this process beautifully!

Butterflies are a reminder that self-transformation can be as gentle as the process of evolving from a discreet caterpillar to a captivating butterfly. We need only take the time and have the courage to retreat to our cocoons to reflect, rejuvenate and revitalise in anticipation of conquering our next goal. We must aspire to a vision so big and beautiful, but so far from our current comfort zone that we could never reach it as caterpillars with short legs and bellies dragging along the ground. Trust that the universe will conspire in your favour because you believe in yourself and your vision.

Life does not guarantee us success. But when you are grateful for all that you have, and are willing to use what you’ve got, like the butterfly that opens her wings for the first time, you will fly. When you arrive at your next opportunity, such as the start of your Spar Women’s Challenge, be grateful for nervousness. Nerves are butterflies in your stomach. Those majestic floating marvels are a reminder of the courage needed to transform, and the most beautiful wings that are made to fly.”