How far would you go to show your love and support to a loved one battling cancer? This group of Pretoria women joined hands in a feat of love that will move you to tears.

One Sunday in February 2014, Gary Rom Hairdressing took on the challenge to help a group of friends who wanted to show their support for their friend, Gerdi, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. The group of courageous ladies comprised of friends, Gerdi’s sisters, and her mom. They were exceptionally brave and high spirited, knowing what they were doing for their beloved Gerdi. In the interim, Gerdi had no idea what was taking place, and all would be revealed at a surprise breakfast for her later on.

Melissa Rom, Head of Marketing at Gary Rom, explains why the process of losing your hair – or even volunteering to have it shaved off – can be a very emotional process for any woman. “Despite the fact that each lady had a different length of hair, women become attached to their appearance and their hair as they know it. It is part of who we are, part of our daily routine, and something we take for granted so easily.”

She goes on to describe what it was like to see this brave group of women take the plunge. “We began by shaving Gerdi’s mom’s hair. As you can imagine it was an exceptionally emotional moment. Her two other daughters held her hand, side by side. Throughout the day, we drank champagne, laughed and cried together. We then started with Gerdi’s two sisters, more tears, more champagne, more laughter...and so the morning progressed. The emotion we felt in our salon at The Grove that day, is something we will never forget. We then joined Gerdi’s family and friends to experience her reaction as she walked in for her surprise breakfast, only to see what her friends and family had done for her. We are extremely proud to have been a part of this process and a truly miraculous event. The GRH team which assisted on this special day, will forever hold this experience close to our hearts. We wish Gerdi well in her fight against cancer, and we have no doubt she will come out stronger than before!”

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